From the recording The Very Best of Me

A song inspired and dedicated to my babies...we gave them life, they gave us the world!


The Very Best of Me - Julio A. Ortiz

What can I do for you baby, what are you missing?
Do those sweet little honeybuns need squeezes?
Does that pretty little marshmallow belly need kissing?
Let me give you tickles until you lose control
I want to make you laugh before you get too old
& tell me no, not now Daddy, please, not in front of them
You're going to me make me late, I'm going with my friends
Let me have this moment, the sunshine & the park
Swinging here for hours & playing in the sand
Until the sky starts growing dark
I gave to you the very best of me today
I sincerely hope you felt it was enough
A man grows tired, as does the day,
And flesh & bone turn into dust
Tomorrow, if I'm blessed, I will awake again
To give you all I've got once more
But if this should be my last sunrise, my belov├ęd friend,
In my mind, YOU gave to ME the world, You gave to me the world
I gave life, sweet life, but you, You gave to me the world
& what a beautiful world
Go on, ride upon a bicycle & let the wind whisper thru you hair
Go on, dive into the ocean while you hold your breath & let it caress your flesh
Go on, sing your heart out baby dance thru the night to the flicker of the starlight
Its a beautiful world, live it up & don't waste your time on tears
Don't you cry for my goodbye I lived my life to the highest of the high
Don't you cry for my demise, I lived my life with a fire in my eyes
Don't you cry when I die, I lived it by your side and there is peace
Peace in my mind, don't you cry.