From the recording My Soul Belongs to You

the music is inspired, of course, by the beautiful music of Brazil...
the lyrics by the belief in a cosmic and incessant connection with another soul.


The Money comes and the money goes
jewels will shine & then go dull
& diamonds always seem to find a way to walk away

but mama, don't understand?
I will love you longer than my body can
& mama, can't you comprehend?
my love for you it has no end
eternal & eternally
infinite & infinitely
a googolplex to the power of a googolplex
That's how long I plan to love you baby
Oh my, my love, go on
take it baby it belongs to you
my soul, my soul, my soul belongs to you

the morning comes and the morning goes
beauty and youth soon grow old
even the mountains let the rain wash them away