1. Make It Last

From the recording Make It Last

Written for a someone close to me. A song about forcing the hand of love & not knowing when to walk away. Some waste a whole life on trying to prove they can change another, when all that ends up changing is themselves...and usually for the worse.


Somebody told me she's leaving today
But I still refuse to believe what they say
Because we've played this before, you storm out the door
Then ten minutes later you come back for more

So I sit here yearning for you to return
So we can say vicious words that'll burn
because the fighting is all that feels good anymore
the fire's burned out, but the burning endures

Don't go, tell me you know
That there's someway, some crazy way
That we can make it last another day

Give me this moment to swallow my pride
& tell you I'm sorry for not having tried
my best to save all that we'd made
the lesson is learned, I beg you to stay

She said, "...it's better this way."
She could be right, of course she's right
But I don't have the strength to say it
No I don't have the strength to say it