From the recording Live Today (Jovan)

I Love You Jovan, Rest in Peace baby boy...


What, What will they say, What will they do when my time is thru?
& Who, Who will they turn to when I go to meet my maker?
Will their hearts be torn, shattered into a million pieces?
I'll gather them up, I'll make a trail, a path that leads to you

You gave me the world, you gave me the truth
You gave me tears of laughter
You gave me the freedom, you gave me the strength
I give you hope in afterlife
Life was a dream all thanks to you
the ones that saw me through
You held my hand & led me along
the world that I've escaped
But I, I give it all back because you need it more
For you still remain,
& I've only one more favor to ask,
Set me free today

You taught me the notes that made up the song
I just played it faster
Living & even in dying, I wasted no time
seeking greener pastures
But yours, yours is the pain for you must remain
& carry the flame,
But I've only one more favor to ask,
set me free today

Set me free and walk away
Live for me and laugh today
We will meet again someday
Go in peace I'll be OK
OK OK I'll be OK, OK?
Set me free and live today.