1. Can't Stop Me

From the recording Can't Stop Me

Do your thing and enjoy it


Can’t Stop Me (Nothing in my way)
I seen the sunshine shining on the floor where the rain falls
desert flower drinking but it wants some more,
you are anything and everything I ask for
we could be we could be we could be so much more
So, Come on & save me come sing it with me
you can’t escape from the song in your soul no no
we’ll get away where, we get away from,
from counting time & thinking thoughts that I know
You know my love I was so far gone
that we were secure & we made it,
I was it alone keeping it together then oh then oh then
come on save me I’m gonna fade or
I’m gonna get famous if you let me try
come on save me from procrastinating
I can’t be still when there’s so many so many sights
I seen the sunshine shining on the wall today
there was the shadows slowly swallowing away the day
I seen a mountain crumble on the floor today
there was a valley full of flowers nothing in my way
You can’t stop me, no, There’s nothing in my way