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Julio Ortiz: Links

CD Baby
Julio A. Ortiz: genuine
my space
To link to the ever popular myspace and allow, nay, permit me to add you as a friend, PLEASE!!! I'll be a good friend I promise...maybe I'll make your top 8 one day!!!
Host Baby
From the ingenius creators of CD Baby comes along Host Baby...the one stop shop for musical artist who desire their own little place in this ethereal digital realm!! From a neat calender or gig book, to mp3 file streaming and downloading, to YOUR OWN domain name. See for yourself...
Need to set up an electronic payment account? PayPal is the industry standard when it comes to online accounts. Browse their site and allow them to demonstrate.
The Music Biz Academy
Brilliant piece of literature which covers effective methods of music protion on the internet. Everything you need to know, how to find a webhost and domain, build a website, copyright, record labels and record deals, anit-spam, paypal, iTunes and selling music online! A must have for an independent artist
Garage Band
This is yet another great site to promote your music. Search for The Ethics to find me here. Basically, it is a very democratic site, voting occurs, and critiques play a big part too, feedback is always good. Oh yeah, and it is endorsed by Sir George Martin, legendary producer of The Beatles
Use Broadjam to send your songs directly to music supervisors for film & TV, professional reviewers who give high-quality feedback, radio stations throughout the U.S. or contests and competitions! They are in direct association with the site TAXI or
What a wonderful site this is!!! IMEEM is an online community where artists, fans & friends can promote their content, share their tastes, and discover blogs, photos, music and video. This site is more "playlist" oriented and it can instantly redirect you to a purchase it itunes or amazon. Try it out!
Wedding Xpressions
If you should happen to find yourself in the beautiful southwest region of the United States of America, or Northern Mexico and require beautiful upscale portraits, headshots and elegant photography, contact Wedding Xpressions.
The premier site for social networking! Julio Ortiz is on Facebook, are you?
Everyone knows what youtube is, a great forum where anyone can share any video they choose. As a young lad, my father always said to me, whenever possible, circumvent the traditional route into the music industry and go directly to the fans, youtube affords the individual precisely this luxury. YouTube is a blessing for independent artists who want to share their work with the masses, be it a kitty falling off a sofa or Jimi Hendrix burning his guitar!!! Visit youtube today!